Sunday, February 15, 2009

Puddles and Pig-tails

So I have this marvelous idea...not so original, but much needed (I think.)

I am kinda the garage sale queen. I love getting up early on Friday mornings in the summer to search side roads for bargains. Especially bargains that are in the form of clothes for my kids.

I don't think I have to tell you how expensive it is to outfit a kid-much less three. And surely you know our country is in the middle of a financial blurp right now (have you bought groceries lately? A gallon of milk? Yikes!)

And there are so many moms in town that have their kids dressed in the cutest outfits. Outfits that I envy and hope to find at yard sale prices someday.

Anyhoo...I was thinking about my growing pile of kids clothes that my own can no longer wear, combined with their never ending need for new things (that will soon be outgrown.) Combine that with the prep time required to properly host a sale of my own...and here I am back to my fantastic plan.

I am thinking that a huge Arkadelphia Mom's Shop and Swap would be so much fun. I have been planning it out in my head for months, and have finally come to the conclussion that it is totally do-able.

How awesome would it be for all of us great Arkadoo moms to get together on one Saturday to sale all of our kids' clothes, toys, furniture, and bedding at one location? Think Duck Duck Goose without complicated tagging systems, distance, and someone making money off of your items.

So here is what I am thinking....after hours of driving I have a plan!

One weekend we all pitch in a nominal fee (probably around 10-15 dollars to cover expenses and advertising.) Every one hosts their own mini sale at one location. Your stuff, your prices, your hard earned moolah....and maybe a few fantastic finds for your own kiddos in the end. Of course, for all of you super talented moms with businesses, you could peddle your goods there, too. This would be a great way to provide for our children while saving and making our families money.

I really think this could be super successful...and fun. I also think this is a worthy project, but I need your input. If you would be interested in selling at such an event (and sellers would get to shop first!) then give me some feedback in the form of a comment. Pass this on to your frugal minded friends. Enough interest and we'll give it the old mommy-saving-money try.


Amber said...

I'm in. Totally.

ShortStuff said...

I love this idea, Amy. I'm ready when you are.