Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I was a winner...if only for a day

So I am a faithful blog follower of about 10 fabulous ladies (as seen in my "Who I'm Keeping Up With" scroll.) I love to log on and catch up with my friends-some real-life pals, and others only in bloggy world. Big Mama is one of my favorite pretend buddies-I think she is just hilarious, and I have been inspired by her scarf-tying.

side-tracked note: This week I implemented "Scarf Tuesday" at LEP, because we are always on the cutting edge of trendy as primary teachers, and this particular "in" didn't involve Hannah Montana or anything sparkly. Except for my AMAZING sequin blue scarf that had no takers...fuddy duds. And because it is so fun to hear C.S. make brilliant statements, like, "You didn't tell me outright it was Scarf Tuesday. You could have spelled it out...S-C-ARF..."

Anyhoo...I was bopping along my blog catchin-ups the other night when one of my faves posted a contest for some of my faves...free books and a Target gift card. Bliss. Dutifully I entered (along with about 500 other readers.) Sunday I logged on to read the results, and BEHOLD!!! Amy with a gmail address is the grand prize winner! I am Amy! I have a Gmail address! I am already spending my $50 in my head!

The only problem was that the winner was picked by random number generator, and the comments weren't numbered. And there were about a kazillion Amys posted. Hmmmm......

Wishing. And hoping. And thinking. And praying. Planning. And dreaming.

Checking my inbox every 10 minutes for a long 20 hours or so.

I am Amy. I have a gmail address. So does another Amy, and she is the winner. I am super happy that someone in my name family won the big prize (the second place winner was also an Amy. Who'da thunk it.) Either way it was very exciting to have won something, even if I am not bringing home the goods in the end.

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Jennifer said...

Oh man! That would have made me excited too.