Friday, February 6, 2009

Not my fantasy spa weekend

One of the "quirks" of my master's program is unconventional scheduling. Being aimed at teachers who CANNOT take a break in the middle of the day in the interest of higher education, most classes are scheduled one night a week, a ton are available online (or mostly online with a few meetings.) I am enrolled in two such courses, but in a lack of reasoning I enrolled in three graduate courses this semester. Because what else do I have to do?

This third course in particular is mostly clinical experience, logging hours weekly targeting one at-risk reader. Except for the face-to-face meetings which are held over three weekends. So tonight I headed up for my first weekend that shouldn't count as a weekend. And since I am getting this degree at UCA, I being in class from 4:30 til 9:30 on Friday with a brief nap before returning to a full day of sessions on Saturday seemed a little much.

My brilliant plan was to come up on Friday and stay in Conway overnight. Secretly I was romancing the idea of a night alone. By myself. No fighting, whining, crying. No begging for one last drink or snack before bed. No having wait for one little person to fall asleep before I could shut my eyes only to awaken to another crying to get into my bed.

Just me, with a People magazine, dinner wherever I drove through (no happy meals or ketchup needed,) drifting peacefully off to sleep and waking to the same tranquility. Bathroom all to myself, having to only worry about getting myself fed, ready, and out the door. Yeah, right.

Last night Parker and I had a talk about where I would be going and why. There was discussion about behavior and possible a bribe with a new movie he has been waiting on. Because, y'all, I am not above a good well timed bribe. Right as I got to the part about, "Mommy has to be away for one night, but I will be back the next afternoon..."

So after Parker's pitiful looks and moping, combined with Brad's worries of having all the kids all by himself (and you can't blame him-see above,) everyone woke up this morning with a great idea. WE ARE GOING WITH MOM!!!!

Because Brad didn't want me to have to stay by myself. Because my hotel has an indoor pool and we haven't been swimming in months.

yay. great. i am so excited you are going.....yippee.

My blissful, relaxing few hours turned into vacation madness.

But, seriously, we are having a pretty great time. I guess my professor thought we looked tired after only 3 hours, so she let us go. And the kids had already eaten, so I got to pick where I wanted to go without their influence. Now they are happily swimming away, getting along. No crying. No running and wrestling and tearing up the house I just cleaned. And breakfast is on Comfort Suites in the morning, so no cooking or dishes.

This might not be so bad after all!

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Amber said...

Good for you for making the best of it. Me? I'd rather have my People magazine and bed to myself.

What is up with these menfolk anyway? Scaredy-cats.