Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Top Ten Reasons the First Day of School is like Childbirth

10. You really need heavy medication. Really.

9. Little bitty kids....big 'ol responsibilities.

8. Time seems to warp speed ahead and stop completely at the same time.

7. Paperwork. And piles of supplies.

6. Contraction-like, regular 5 minute tantrums.

5. Crying mommas. Sweating daddies.

4. The whole family shows up taking pictures.

3. Your body is physically and mentally exhausted, yet there is no sleep in sight.

2. Did I mention the medication?

1. Like childbirth and other traumatic events, you immediately suppress any memories of the day. Otherwise, could we really chose to go through this again?

****This post was co-authored by T.D., and per request of T.B. Love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!