Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break Lottery

Scenerio Number 1:

My family and I are leaving early this morning for Disney. We will be spending a glorious week in a fantastic hotel with pools and playgrounds and lots of amenities just for kids. We will be hangin' out with the big mouse and buddies, wearing ears with our names written on them, riding til' we puke, and laughing so hard our bellies hurt. We will come back tired, happy, with bags full of fun souveniers and lots of quality pictures for scrapping.

Scenerio Number 2:

My mom is keeping the kids for a week. This time tomorrow Brad and I will be at a swanky resort in Mexico. We will be eating at fancy restraunts by ourselves, no kids or ketchup or fights over the red crayon. Our drinks will be protected from the tropical sun by tiny umbrellas. We will sit on the beach at night and listen to waves crash on the shore. We will bring back sunburns and the most perfect of shells that we picked up while we walked hand-in-hand down the beach.

Scenerio Number 3:

Three of my best girlfriends and I are headed to Bliss Relaxation Spa for moms. We are flying first class to our getaway, where we will be pampered to no end. There will be massages. There will be manis and pedis. Our skin will glow from the most exotic of facial ingredients. We will come home to our families relaxed and beautiful, ready to take back our homes and whatever the kids and men did while we were gone-because it is worth it.

Scenerio Number 4:

We are hanging around our house this week. It is 10:00 and everyone is still in their pajamas. I have a couple of serious dates with the closets and the storage shed to do the old seasonal/sizes switcheroo. We might fish. I might take the boys to the movies. We could be eating pizza at some point. Noone is making bedtime. There is lots of Wii going on. And I am halfway through my second crazy-to-be-reading teen vampire love story (I started the first one last week.) It is pretty much anything goes. No big being us in our home. of these resembles our break. What about you?

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Amber said...

I like all of those choices. Although I would skip the storage shed, but go for jammies and vampires.

Have a great Spring Break!