Saturday, March 21, 2009

March-Makin' me-Mad(ness)

Here it is. This time of year when basketball reigns in our home. Yippee.

I love me some Razorback basketball. We always try to make it up for a few games, and I will find myself callin' the Hogs with the rest of them.

But the Hogs are done this year. And now I my t.v. has been taken hostage by these other teams. Why is it that I can't make myself look at the games where there are colors like orange or green, no redeeming Razorback Red anywhere on the court.

And when Brad is into something, he is devoted. He doesn't watch much t.v. during the year-unless intermittent spells of the outdoor channel count as watching (it doesn't to my mind it equals Nyquil.) I am allowed almost complete remote control (HA!) to my Grey's Anatomy or (regrettably) The Bachelor following. Pretty much he is an outside hunting, fishing kinda guy. Except for when the brackets come out and he totally loses his mind.

So now I only see his eyeballs when he stupors to the kitchen for sustenance. And it is remarkably quiet around here as he isn't on the bottom of a self-induced three kid dogpile. I guess a bonus was that I went to dinner and a movie with two friends last night, and I don't think he ever noticed I left the house. Not to mention I know this will all be over soon.

But if I hear the squeak of overpriced athletic shoes on a highly waxed wood floor one more time I may scream. It is literally the sound that keeps me awake at night and is haunting my dreams.

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Amber said...

Don't get me started on the basketball. Grrrr. Double Grrrr.