Sunday, September 14, 2008

Little House-Style

Last night our power went out. It was about midnight, and usually we sleep in the dark anyway, but having no lights made it very hard to go to sleep in the dark.

We survived the night, but this morning was crazy. My kids woke up at 6-pretty unusual for my guys who like to sleep til 8 on the weekends. It was as if someone said, "Wake up! There's nothing to do, and you need to get a jump-start on pestering mom!"

I told my mother-in-law that it was like "Lord of the Flies." My precious angels might as well have been beating their chests in loinclothes. They went crazy! Normally they do cereal for breakfast, but this morning just because a hot breakfast wasn't possible they were dying for waffles. And they wouldn't play-they wanted to sit right on top of me to whine.

We decided we could not spend a perfectly good weekend day at home with our kids going nuts. We were packing up to head to our river cabin when our air conditioner whirled to life. We wouldn't have been any happier if a rainbow came shinin' throught the window and a dancing little leprechaun personally handed us our pot-o-gold.

We love camping and roughing it, but only when we are properly physically and mentally prepared. And this weekend was not one of those times. Our big shouts-out to those electric company guys who saved our sanity and our Sunday.

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Amber said...

Amen...ours was out, too. Not sure exactly how those people handle it who are out for days at a time. We can only read so many books and play so many board games around here before I'm ready to choke someone!! :)