Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Poor Little Guy!

Our class pet, Chuck E., is sick. He is normally a very social, happy, active little fella. He runs and eats and talks to the kids all day long.

Today when I got to school, I noticed that he wasn't moving much, and was sitting outside his "cave." He was still there later on, so I decided he needed a little attention.

What he really needed, turns out, was medical attention. His eyes were matted almost completely shut, and he was very still.

We rushed him to the vet as soon as school was out. He looked him over, said he is too skinny and that we probably have worse problems than his eyes.

I am so sad. He really is a good pet, and I want him to get better. But everything I have read online says that guineas rarely get sick, but when they do it isn't usually something that can be treated. Unless you have a vet that specializes in guinea pigs-which Arkadelphia is short on.

So if any off you are guinea pig experts, then my little guys and little guinea would love to hear about how to get better. But chances are, I will be talking to my kiddos this week about poor little Chuck E.

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Amber said...

Poor Chuck E.

A moment of silence might be in order.