Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where has summer gone?

This week has been so busy. Apparently last week was, too-I am already slackin' at this bloggin thing. Anyway, so anyone who is getting ready for back to school knows how crazy this time of year is. Especially if you are a teacher. Double especially if you are a teacher AND you have kids of your own to get ready.

Maddie returned to daycare this week. We are so blessed to have a daycare owner who really loves our kids and understands this teacher summer-off thing. So we stayed home all summer, and now we are back. But without Kaden (who is going to Pre-k @ Perritt with me and Parker.) And now she is 18 months old-the very peak of seperation anxiety. Also she has been a permanent fixture of my hip for three months. Know where I'm going? This had been so hard! Monday when I dropped her off she cried and desperately clung to my arm. And when I picked her up she was still crying. By crying I mean the ugly gasping, puffy-red eyed, snotty nose, really guilt ridden cry. I almost decided to stay home right then.

I might have if I hadn't been working on my room day and night for two weeks. I just couldn't do all of that work then leave. So I sucked it up. I told myself the same speech I tell my pre-k parents. "She'll be fine. She only cries for the first few minutes, then finds toys and friends and has a great time." I firmly believe this-but this is MY BABY!

Here we are at Day 4. No bags under eyes, snotty tears, or wailing. A few protests, but no more trauma.

Maddie will be fine.

Kaden is thrilled to be going to school with us. He strutted through the mall with his backpack the other day. He instantly looked a year older when he put on his new school shoes tonight before open house. I am gonna have to face the fact that he is not a baby. But I don't wanna.

Parker is so ready to be back in school. He has missed his friends, along with his classes, and I can't do enough to keep him busy while we are home. Hooray to those homeschool moms who teach several different levels at the same time. You are my heroes! I have been so frustrated this summer trying to do Parker's projects while finding something for little brother to do (he won't be left out), at the same time keeping Maddie from destroying their hard work. Not to mention they wanted to do things like eat and wear clean clothes. Ugh. So tempting to just turn on Noggin and sing with the Wonderpets.

So we are going back to school! My classroom is ready. Supplies and shoes have been bought. We have survived open house (which is not easy when you teach in the same school where your kids are going), and are on our way. Only 36 weeks til next summer!

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Amber said...

Hope you have a great year! Can't believe Kaden is old enough to go to does time go?!?!

Rest up this'll need it come MONDAY!!