Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We recovered from yesterday. I always forget how hard the first week is. I think it's God's way of retaining teachers. Or post traumatic stress.

So I did something today I've always wanted to do, but never had a lapse in reason long enough to really follow through.

We have worn sandals, crocs, flip-flops, etc. all summer, and haven't even opened the sock drawer. Yesterday morning the boys went to get socks to wear with their new school shoes, and couldn't find a single, acceptable pair.

We found lots of holey socks and plenty of lonely socks, but our struggle was in finding two sole-mates that were acceptable for public display.

I despise sorting and folding socks-it is worst part of laundry for me. I usually end up with a basket, and we pull a couple out in the morning until I find time to sort through and put away socks for all five of us. I have always thought it would be so much easier to do this task if everyone had only one kind of sock, and each person's socks were distinguishable.... It's the little things that excite me.

So disregarding all reason and practicality, I went through each room with a trash bag and threw away every sock. It was hard-in the process I found a few that probably would make the cut, but I was on a mission.

This afternoon I went to Walmart and bought new socks for all five of us. I feel so liberated! We escaped major school clothes shopping, so I am rationalizing this as our fall wardrobe purchase.

Is it weird that everyone can't wait to get ready for school so they can wear their new socks?

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Amber said...

Okay...that is just about the funniest thing I've heard all week. I'm so glad that I'm not the only neurotic person around!