Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Here we go!

My mom kept the kids tonight so I could work in my classroom. Well, mostly so I could recruit Brad to work in my classroom. I have collected things throughout the summer for school, and I needed Man-help to get them there. Did I mention that today is our anniversary? Happy Anniversary, honey! Grab another box!

So we worked, and hauled, and moved furniture. And we went to dinner at the Burger Barn. That's right-just us. Time alone is few and far between, but a dinner with no fighting or flying french fries is romance in itself.

After dinner we went to retrieve our children. Mom had fed them and given them BATHS-I was taking home ready-for-bed children! She walked us out to the car, and with an exhausted look on her face said, "You do this every day. I don't know how. I might need medication."

We DO do this everyday. Some days are busier than others, and at times I wonder if the day will ever end. Sometimes after long days of workshops, you only want to go home. Then you get a call that you need to take someone to the emergency room because their brother hit them on the head with a trophy (last Friday). But later you are reminded that they are so precious, especially when they are full, and smell like Johnson's, and they are laying in bed at night. "One more book, please." "I wonder what we'll do tomorrow." "God, thanks for my hermit crab."

So for all of the moms out there...we'll just keep doing what we do. However we can manage.


Jennifer said...

Cute blog! Thanks for sharing. Have fun getting ready for school. It'll be here before you know it! You'll be seeing more of Shelby. She's a big kindergarten girl now. She's soooo excited and ready to start school. Good luck!

Amber said...

So glad that you are blogging now! Hooray!

Hit in the head with a trophy? Nice. Almost like the ants in the diaper....