Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Such a buncha junk!!!

I had one of those days today where nothing went right. I am so disappointed, and especially because I was SO looking forward to it.

So...Today was Parker's big Nickelodeon Choir trip to our state capital. I had asked two months ago to use my ONE personal day so I could see him sing. As a teacher's kid, I already feel guilty that he is slighted in some areas (like having Mom miss coming for lunch and class parties,) while getting an overload in others (such as having Mom in the building when he is acting up.) This day was gonna be great. We were gonna see him perform, have lunch, then spend a day together-a little mother/son date. By the end of today I would be relaxed and rested, have great video memories of my eldest's artistic debut, and have finished up all of my Christmas to-dos. We would practically float home humming the Smurf's tune. Visions of sugarplums and all that jazz.

As you know, last night the weather dumped some really fun stuff on us. We were lucky to escape our share of the ice, but Little Rock did not. I got up this morning and just knew that no way would Nickelodeon Choir be trekking in these conditions. My personal day being precious, I got myself and the kiddos ready to head out the door. On the way I called school to let the office know that I would not be taking my day today since there would be no trip.

The trip was still on. So, back in the house to change Parker into his official Nick clothes (which, of course, we could not find,) then off to school to drop him.

We pulled into the parking lot at school and discovered Maddie in the back seat-I had forgotten to drop her at daycare. No big deal. I can take her after I leave the boys, but those little legs and curious eyes sure do move at a snail's pace inside the magical world that is an elementary school.

So boys delivered, Maddie (finally) dropped off, and on my way. I wanted to give myself plenty of time so I could drive slow.

Got to Little Rock around 10:00 just in time to get a call from Brad that one of his co-workers got a call that there would be no trip. No trip!!! So here I am in Little Rock in twice the time that it would normally take, cars in ditches everywhere, wreck happening right behind me, and there will be no performance.

Gotta make the best out of my lost day, so I head to Target. Bout that time I get a call that Nickelodeon is performing right there in the cafeteria WHERE I SHOULD BE AT WORK!!!!

So....personal day down the tube, no chance to see them perform, battling ice. Did not do much for my dreams of finishing up my Christmas list.

Time for a hot bath and bed. And back to school tomorrow.


Amber said...

I'm so sorry. That is terrible.

Wish you had found some redemption at Target....

Jennifer said...

Oh no! What a day!