Sunday, November 23, 2008

For my (460+) Kids at Christmas

We are so blessed. I mean, really...WOW. I am sitting here tonight tired-maybe exhausted. But I am also excited and hopeful. And I have a stack of red and blue tags that need your prayers...

I am praying tonight for all 460+ kiddos in our county on Angel Tree. I am asking that they experience God as he intends us all to see him-simply and generously. No questions. Pure joy. My hope is that they will receive more than much needed clothing items or toys. They will know unconditional love from a total stranger during this most holy time of year. They will know that someone cares for them, that they want to give them a gift with expectations of nothing in return. That as theyy grow into adults, they will remember that someone loved them so much that they were given an extraordinary gift. Lessons learned will far excede socks and stocking stuffers.

I want to pray for the moms, dads, and grandparents of these precious children. Parenting is the hardest job we will ever take on, and many of them are taking on this roll as they fill many other shoes. I thank God for giving them the grace to reach out for help from others. It is not easy to humble ourselves, but doing so for the benefit of our children is an act of pure selflessness. I pray that they will find ease from their stresses, financially, emotionally, and otherwise, and that they will be afforded the experience of a Christmas miracle with their children. I ask God to protect them, keep them safe, warm, happy, well, and full. I pray that every one of these families is drawn through this experience closer together and to Him. If there is a family that doesn't know the love and mercy of this great Redeemer, then I pray that through the generosity and compassion of others they will seek the greater Source.

I am humbled by the generocity of our community. God has been so good to so many, and I am greatful for the close ties that can be found here in Clark County. People are so good to give, making sacrifices for themselves to heed the call of Christ in service. The joy that shines in their faces as they deliver those packages can only be matched by a child experiencing Christmas in the midst of terrible hardships. Families, churches, organizations, businesses....we are so blessed to be surrounded by people who love the Lord. I pray that God continues to bless those that give. That He protects them, their families, and their works. That the people who are taking care of our Angels continue to trust that thier needs are provided for as well.

As we place these tags on the trees tomorrow night, join me in prayer of thanksgiving for these children, parents, giving families, and volunteers. God is so good to provide. What a blessing to see how He works.

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