Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Confessions of a crazy morning.

Mornings with my kids are the hardest part of the day. They grumble when they have to get up (I do, too.) They can NEVER find their shoes (got me there.) They fight over EVERYTHING, even things that I am convinced noone really wants. They do not like what their breakfast choices are, but once they get started you would think that they are having something really fantastic by the way they savor each and every little bite. Someone forgets something every day-usually a backpack after I have just said, "Get your backpack and head to the car." They take an e-x-c-r-u-t-i-a-t-i-n-g-l-y long time to walk the fifty yard from the parking lot into the school building. Then they pretend to wonder why our farewells are tainted with grumbles.

This morning was especially frustrating. They were pushing the right buttons right from the start. Parker discovered that he could control the lighting in the house by flipping light switches with (I'm sorry...) his tongue. He wandered around looking at the ceiling calling, "Shoes, shoes, where are you?" Kaden wouldn't get up until it was time to go, then he whined about going hunting instead of pursuing his education. And both were begging for a cookie for breakfast.

I did what I am always threatening to do....I grabbed Maddie and left.

(Disclaimer-Brad was home this morning. He usually goes to work at 6, but because of some power thingy he didn't go in til 10. I know...too perfect!)

So we girls loaded up in the car and took off. All three guys were standing in the door with lost, desperate faces.

It took about 2.4 seconds for my phone to ring. "You can come back. They are ready now."

Nope. Didn't do it. They love that they get to school way early and get to walk in with Mom and all that jazz. This was my perfectly presented opportunity to prove my point..."GET READY WE GOTTA GO!" I just knew this would fix them. They would see the light, understand my frustration, and come to my terms.

I felt like a super parent all day long. I was confident that the next time I said it was time, they would grab their stuff and load up. My delusions lasted until 3:30 when I was ready to leave school and my little precious guys were too busy playing to hear my declaration.

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Amber said...

HA! What fun! Sounds like my house in the morning. Nothing is better than when they say they can't find their shoes and they are staring right at them. Grrrr....

Hooray for leaving them...I so want to do that!!