Tuesday, October 19, 2010


3287...not the number of diapers I changed. I don't know that number for certain, but I would put it at closer to the millions. Diapers in the middle of the night, diapers that I had to rob your penny bank to buy, diapers that were fetched from Walmart with you wrapped in three dishtowels while I prayed that you didn't pee on me, diapers in public restrooms. Diapers that exploded, diapers that made me want to explode. Diapers, there were aplenty.

3287...not the number of tears I've cried. There have been dry spells. There have been floods and monsoons. Times of tears wane like phases of the moon, and I have seen plenty. Some have been mine. Tears cried over boo-boos are hard. Tears over hurt feelings and broken hearts break my momma heart. There might even be tears simmering now. And I know there will be tears in the future.

3287...not the numbers of sqeezing hugs or stolen kisses. Not the number of bedtime stories read, movies we've snuggled through, video games I have lost, or conversations had. Almost the number of times you have snuck into my room after bedtime for one last kiss or to try to sneak into my bed. Not even close to the number of smiles and giggles we have shared.

3287....not the number of days I have loved you. From the very minute I know you were to be, you rocked my world. This thing called motherhood has been a wild ride, and you were the first car on the coaster. I was clueless, but so were you. We have figured out so much together, you and me.

3287...the number of days I have worried over you, loved you, been so proud of you I could hardly stand it, been so frustrated I couldn't stand it. 3287 is how many days I have been in wonder of you, how many days that I feel so blessed and special to be your mom.

Happy 9th birthday, Parker! I love you to the moon and back (and I love that you know exactly how far that is and how long it would take us to get there!) :)

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Amber said...

Best tribute ever to a truly amazing kid.

Happy Birthday, Parker!!!